I paint in a style I call non-representational landscape, in which I want to capture the light and mood of the image. It might be good for my character development to replicate the details of the image perfectly, but while it can and has turned out well, it would not give me the same emotional satisfaction as would a looser interpretation.

I use photographs I have taken on my travels as my source, but sometimes, with permission use those of others. I have made up to three paintings from the same image (see Red Sky #1 and #2, and Salt Lakes #1 and #2) because I like to try different ways of painting the same image.

What attracts me to an image could be the colour, the shapes, the light or the mood. I might like a specific image a lot but won’t choose it because it must be too representational to do it justice – and I have a challenge drawing straight lines with a paintbrush!

The statement I want to make with my paintings is totally related to the way I feel about the way light and nature come together whether it is peaceful, moody and even scary and how you, the viewer takes pleasure from it.

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