I am intrigued by natural light in the sky and in the landscape, light that is influenced by time, weather and season. It moves and changes from second to second creating magical and unique beauty.

I live in a marvelous city. I rejoice in its vibrancy while refreshing my heart and mind in the powerful grandeur of the natural spaces both within and beyond its borders. I relish the calm nature can give, and the awe I feel in the magical glimpses of the land keep me grounded and inspired.

I hope you enjoy my work. Your feedback is welcomed.

Marlene Etherington

Latest Works


This painting took my eye with the intense sunset reflecting in the clouds, the water and rocks, appearing in some ways to be setting them on fire. Other paintings from Skies and Water

Tiger Lily Sky

Oil on Canvas 12″W x 12″W Price $150 The name is taken from the colour of the orange lilies common in Canadian summers that I used in the sky. Other paintings from Studies

Sailor Take Warning

Although the colour of the sky is not red it appears somewhat ominous. Other paintings from Skies and Water

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