Upcoming Shows

Propeller Art Gallery Salon 17

For Propeller Artists and Invited Guests

August 2nd to 20th 2023

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Past Shows

2022John B. Aird Gallery ‘Painting 2022’ – (Online juried painting exhibition)Finalist
2022Twist Art Gallery: (WiP) Work in Progress
2022Propeller Art Gallery: ‘Off the Wall’ Fundraiser (online competition)
2022Twist Art Gallery: Project: Art Group Show, Surfacing
Propeller Art Gallery Salon 16: ‘Love is in the Air’
2021John B. Aird Gallery ‘Mistletoe Magic’ Fundraiser
Propeller Art Gallery ‘Off the Wall’ Fundraiser 
2020Fusion Arts ‘Waterscapes’ (online competition) Finalist
John B. Aird Gallery ‘Painting 2020’ (online competition) Finalist
Gallery Ring ‘OPEN’ (online competition) Jurors prize
Propeller Art Gallery ‘Off the Wall’ Fundraiser (online competition) 
John B. Aird Gallery ‘Mistletoe Magic’ Fundraiser 
Fusion Arts ‘Women Artists’ (online competition) Finalist
Gallery Ring ‘Land Sky Water’ (online competition) Crystal Award
Fusion Arts ‘Skies’ (online competition) Honourable Mention
Propeller Art Gallery ‘Namibia Moments’ (solo show )
Gallery 1313 ‘Covid-19 Portraits III’ (online) 
2019Project: Art ‘Unwritten’ @ Kontort Gallery 
Propeller Art Gallery ‘Off the Wall’ Fundraiser 
Propeller Art Gallery ‘Summer Small Works’ Show 
2018Propeller Art Gallery ‘Off the Wall’ Fundraiser & Silent 
Project: Art 6th Annual Show 
2016Propeller Art Gallery ‘Salon X’ 
Project: Art 5th Annual Show 
John B. Aird Gallery ‘Mistletoe Magic’ 
2015Propeller Art Gallery ‘Salon IX’ 
Project: Art Pop-up Art 
2014Propeller Art Gallery ‘Shared Places, Shared Spaces’
Project: Art 4th Annual Show
2013Propeller Art Gallery ‘Salon VII’