Blue Island

Although not a totally accurate depiction of Chantry Island in Lake Huron, I think this captures the beauty of a sunny day in a special place. Other Paintings from Skies and Water

Atlantic Moon from 35000 Feet

When I fly, I always choose the window seat and take photos of anything interesting.  The sun’s reflection off the clouds on a flight to Europe was particularly colourful. I blended the colours carefully on the smooth surface of the cradled board to create a soothing image. Other paintings from Skies Read more…

Okavanga Mellow

Floating on the Okavango River watching as the light of the setting sun put everything into shadow. I chose to paint it with a very smooth surface and a focus on the light and its reflection in the river. Other paintings from Skies and Water

Saltspring Dock

I love the lines and shadows of the dock and the reflection of the red ramp in the water on a December day. As with View from the Dock, I carefully blended the paint onto the slightly pebbled surface of the paneled board.   Other paintings from Skies and Water

View from a Dock

Oil on GessoBord 11″W x 14″H Price $125 This is a companion piece to the painting, Saltspring Dock but is the view from the end of dock. I enjoyed applying the paint to the slightly pebbled surface of the paneled board and carefully blending the varying shades and tones of Read more…