Too Close to the Volcano

I created this as an experiment in combining colours that remained on my palette, leftovers from other paintings. It developed over a couple of sessions until I saw the flames, reminding me of the Arenal volcano exhausting flames into a cloudy sky. Other paintings from Skies and Water


This painting took my eye with the intense sunset reflecting in the clouds, the water and rocks, appearing in some ways to be setting them on fire. Other paintings from Skies and Water

Afternoon Thunderclouds

Oil on Canvas 48″H x 48″W Note: The painting is on an old stretcher frame that is 4” deep. The inspiration image was taken by KJ in the Fall of 2021 as a late afternoon storm approached. The fading sunlight highlighted the wheat stems.

Blue Horizon #1

Blue Horizon #1 is, as named the first in a series of paintings of Lake Huron looking west from the beach in Southampton. The sky and water on a sunny day are magical and can be captured in a variety of styles. I used rough stokes to capture the energy Read more…

Blue Descent

I wanted the clouds and colours of this sky to speak of strength and potential danger, creating awe and even some fear of a coming storm. The painting was inspired by a photo I took of a fabulous sky just after arriving by plane in Cairns on the east cost Read more…

Okavanga Mellow

Floating on the Okavango River watching as the light of the setting sun put everything into shadow. I chose to paint it with a very smooth surface and a focus on the light and its reflection in the river. Other paintings from Skies and Water