Too Close to the Volcano

I created this as an experiment in combining colours that remained on my palette, leftovers from other paintings. It developed over a couple of sessions until I saw the flames, reminding me of the Arenal volcano exhausting flames into a cloudy sky. Other paintings from Skies and Water

Afternoon Thunderclouds

Oil on Canvas 48″H x 48″W Note: The painting is on an old stretcher frame that is 4” deep. The inspiration image was taken by KJ in the Fall of 2021 as a late afternoon storm approached. The fading sunlight highlighted the wheat stems.

Blue Island

Although not a totally accurate depiction of Chantry Island in Lake Huron, I think this captures the beauty of a sunny day in a special place. Other Paintings from Skies and Water


Where the sand meets the Atlantic Ocean in Namibia I had the impression of unlimited water and beach. I wanted to capture that sense of endless space.   Other Paintings from Skies and Water