Afternoon Thunderclouds

Oil on Canvas 48″H x 48″W Note: The painting is on an old stretcher frame that is 4” deep. The inspiration image was taken by KJ in the Fall of 2021 as a late afternoon storm approached. The fading sunlight highlighted the wheat stems.

Blue Island

Oil on GessoBord 18″W x 6″H Tryptych Although not a totally accurate depiction of Chantry Island in Lake Huron, I think this captures the beauty of a sunny day in a special place. Other Paintings from Skies and Water

From Galehead Hut

Oil on Canvas Galehead Hut is the most remote in the Appalachian Mountain Club hut system, with views that are well worth the day’s climb to reach it. Other Paintings from Skies and Water


Oil on Canvas 48″W x 30″W Diptych Where the sand meets the Atlantic Ocean in Namibia I had the impression of unlimited water and beach. I wanted to capture that sense of endless space.   Other Paintings from Skies and Water

Walkway to the Sea

Finalist – Fusion Arts Waterscapes Online Show 2020 Oil on Canvas 60″W x 40″H I loved the brightly coloured posts marking the stairway to the beach against the sand, the ocean, and the brilliant sky. Other paintings from Namibia Moments