Walkway to the Sea

Finalist – Fusion Arts Waterscapes Online Show 2020 Oil on Canvas 60″W x 40″H I loved the brightly coloured posts marking the stairway to the beach against the sand, the ocean, and the brilliant sky. Other paintings from Namibia Moments

Blue Horizon #1

Blue Horizon #1 is, as named the first in a series of paintings of Lake Huron looking west from the beach in Southampton. The sky and water on a sunny day are magical and can be captured in a variety of styles. I used rough stokes to capture the energy Read more…


Oil on Canvas 24″W x 30″H Big Daddy captured at sunset, and the inspiration for my trip to Namibia. So impressive in my mind’s eye and in real life! More paintings from Namibia Moments

Atlantic Moon from 35000 Feet

When I fly, I always choose the window seat and take photos of anything interesting.  The sun’s reflection off the clouds on a flight to Europe was particularly colourful. I blended the colours carefully on the smooth surface of the cradled board to create a soothing image. Other paintings from Skies Read more…


Oil on Wood Panel 15″W x 12″H One could stare at the desert landscape for hours and not be bored but rather calmed and refreshed. More paintings from Namibia Moments

Blue Descent

I wanted the clouds and colours of this sky to speak of strength and potential danger, creating awe and even some fear of a coming storm. The painting was inspired by a photo I took of a fabulous sky just after arriving by plane in Cairns on the east cost Read more…


Oil on Canvas 12″H x 12″W Guinea fowl are a common sight in southwestern Africa. This one stood sentinel for his flock, warning of potential threats – from the tourists walking to the dining room for breakfast! More paintings from Namibia Moments

Okavanga Dusk

Oil on Canvas 10″W x 10″H Inspired by the same sunset cruise as for Okavango Mellow, I kept this small painting very simple with suggestions of light and shadow.  Other paintings from Skies and Water


Juror’s Choice Award, Gallery Ring OPEN online show 2020 Oil on Canvas 24″W x 30″H This painting speaks of the colours and expansiveness of the terrain and of the big bright skies.   More paintings from Namibia Moments

Susquehannock Forest #3

Oil on Canvas I made an annual Autumn trip to Northern Pennsylvania for several years to enjoy three days of hiking through the Susquehannock Forest.  The leaves and ferns create a golden glow. More paintings from Golden

Taking the Chill Off

This quick study was another of my painting community’s weekly challenges and based on a photo of a fire that was set every night in our room to take away the evening chill in the Sierra Norte mountains of Oaxaca state in Mexico. I spent a wonderful week hiking the Read more…

Study #38

Oil on Canvas Paper Another painting on paper created in our weekly challenges during the first year of the Covid lockdowns. I loved using a palette knife to create the sharp outline of the barn and the softness of the trees and fields and the energy of the sky. More Read more…

Autumn Glory

Some autumn-coloured trees on a foggy day in the mountains above Boulder inspired this triptych, loosely painted to suggest the changing season.   More paintings from Golden

Desert at Dusk

Although not part of my August 2020 show, Namibia Moments at Propeller Gallery I continue to paint from images of my trip. The seemingly endless sand and sky are always a fascination for me. Other paintings from This and That