Salt Lakes #2

Oil on Canvas 60″W x 36″H Price $1900 This version is from a slightly different angle and a slightly different size but with deeper colours and a rougher texture in the sky. More paintings from Namibia Moments

Salt Lakes #1

The colours are not a figment of my imagination. They originate from variable algae combinations that produce water colours ranging from pale green to bright pink and red, depending on the salinity of the waters. These pans are a seafood smorgasbord for all manner of birdlife. More paintings from Namibia Read more…

Okavanga Mellow

Floating on the Okavango River watching as the light of the setting sun put everything into shadow. I chose to paint it with a very smooth surface and a focus on the light and its reflection in the river. Other paintings from Skies and Water

Who Goes Before?

Oil on Canvas 24″W x 30″H Price $650 This is my memory of climbing Big Daddy, a 325-metre sand dune in Sossusvlei. We see the footsteps of someone ahead of us. I thought about the number of people who start a journey and finish it, and those who do not. Read more…


The late afternoon south-facing view from friends’ balcony on St. Clair Avenue in Toronto highlights the busy city but I chose to show how viewers on this treetop aerie can appreciate the human creations amidst nature. More paintings from Balcony Views

Saltspring Dock

I love the lines and shadows of the dock and the reflection of the red ramp in the water on a December day. As with View from the Dock, I carefully blended the paint onto the slightly pebbled surface of the paneled board.   Other paintings from Skies and Water

View from a Dock

Oil on GessoBord 11″W x 14″H Price $125 This is a companion piece to the painting, Saltspring Dock but is the view from the end of dock. I enjoyed applying the paint to the slightly pebbled surface of the paneled board and carefully blending the varying shades and tones of Read more…

Study #26

Oil on Canvas Paper 8″W x 10″H Price $90 Our painting community kept occupied with weekly challenges during the first year of the Covid lockdowns. The subject for this sketch reminded me of the barns that both sets of my grandparents had on their properties. I wanted to show this Read more…


Finalist – Gallery Ring OPEN online show 2020 Oil on Canvas 24″W x 30″H Price $650 Mirage speaks of dreams made and lost, futures bright and indeterminate and love’s known and unknown potential.   More paintings from Namibia Moments

Rosedale Valley

Oil on Canvas 36″W x 24″H Price $600 An east facing view in early morning when the mist is burning off the as the day warms. Rosedale is home to some of Canada’s wealthiest, and even though Rosedale is located in the middle of Toronto, virtually no vehicular traffic can Read more…

View from my Desert Room

Oil on Canvas 46″W x 18″H Price $750 In Swakopmund, we stayed at the stunning Desert Breeze Lodge. Each room was a private chalet, painted in colours that worked well against the beautiful desert. This shows the view as the sun was setting. More paintings from Balcony Views

Early Morning

I created a blended and blurred effect to capture the calm and quiet at the start of the day, with a touch of mystery about how it will develop. It also speaks to the winds that continually reshape the landscape. More paintings from Namibia Moments